Cartoplay in Toronto at OCAD U June 29-30 2015

During a Live Transmission workshop at OCAD University, Finnish media artist Tapio Mäkelä explores collaborative, locative video making with students.

Cartoplay locative video player aims to make video production collaborative and fun. Using an app made for Android smartphones, participants shoot video within an agreed theme and a particular area in the city.
The resulting clips are mixed for playback to form a surprising narrative that can be altered.

Content thematic is Arctic Fever, addressing both the imaginary and real expansion to the Arctic.

Cartoplay software and video content shared on this website are © Translocal Inc.

Live Transmission is a a collaborative project realized with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Programme partners are: OCAD U (CAN), Blast Theory (UK), Patzhing Zone (NL), and Translocal (FI).